2022 • Website Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Wix
I recently designed the new website for R. Gass & Family Contracting. The client had not updated his website in a few years and wanted to have all of his new services added in addition to revamping the website to include his new logo and branding. He wanted to promote his website and use it as a tool for potential clients to contact him for more work. I used the new photos he provided, as well as the information about each of the services, and designed a website that represented the level of work they are doing now that their business is growing.
2020-2021 • Website Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Wix
While working with Kimberly Daley on her books, "Meatloaf Beatloaf" and "Raise Your Voice For Courtney", she discussed the possibility of having a website created that would combine the imaginative world of Jeanie Bean Books LLC with her author website. This embarked us on the website that is now under Jeanie Bean Books LLC. The client wanted to have a site where parents could go to print out activity sheets, learn more about upcoming events and books, and to find out more about the author on her blog. The new website encompassed all of that and more!
2018 • Website Design • Wordpress, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop
During my time at FDU, I volunteered to build a website in Wordpress for the Center for Evaluation and Counseling. I first designed wireframes of how the website would look and how it would be built. I then built the site using the logos, colors, and information that was provided. Because it was a non-profit, I researched free stock images for the project that would represent caring and attention, to show viewers the purpose of the organization.
2017 • Website Design • Adobe Photoshop
During college, I was an apprentice for an FDU graduate, that had his own freelance business. I often helped with projects such as website frames, to create the overall look and feel of a website prior to him creating the final site.
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