Jersey Shore Touring Society
2023 • Branding/Logo Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
I worked on developing new ideas for the Jersey Shore Touring Society's rebrand. This included designing several new logo concepts that would be used for stationery, a website, business cards, clothing, signage and more. They were looking to rebrand and refresh the face of their organization to become a more inclusive and welcoming society of bike riders. 
Original Logo
Original Logo
2023 • Branding/Logo Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
I worked on several branding materials for the new local hardscaping business, SBX Hardscaping LLC. They requested a logo design and once it was ready, I designed several other aspects needed for every day operation. This included business cards, car decals, and an invoice template. I also will be working on several social media graphics and am very excited to help make this new business' design dream come true!
2022 • Branding/Logo Design • Adobe Illustrator
I have been working with R.Gass & Family Contracting LLC for several years, with all of their design needs. I originally designed the logo in the top left, but as the business expanded, I worked on several other logos to incorporate different services. These logos were turned into t-shirts and vehicle decals. Recently, I designed their website which can be viewed fully below. The site is used to list all of their services as well as showcase photos from previous jobs. 
2021 • Branding/Logo Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
This new hardworking, female-run business reached out for a logo design. The client knew that their company's purpose consisted of the three pillars, "God, Grind, Goals", which I used to develop their logo. Primarily the design would be printed on shirts to advertise the business, so the design needed to have bright colors to stand out in a crowd. 
2020 • Branding/Logo Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Kimberly Daley reached out to me to create a new logo, as well as promotional materials, for Jeanie Bean Books LLC. She wanted to create an imaginative logo to go with the magical world of books she was planning to create under the brand. Almost all of the characters within her stories are based on family members, so this idea was also used with the logo. She wanted to base the fairy godmother off of her own mother, while also including elements that would make the logo fun, colorful, and eye-catching. I also created promotional pieces for this, including printable games, a website, and more.
2019 • Branding/Logo Design • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Behind every advertising campaign is branding that tells a story. Kimberly Daley was a new children's author working on her first book, "Meatloaf Beatloaf". I was responsible for creating the branding materials behind the author, as well as establishing her online presence. I worked on social media graphics, a website, and designed print collateral that could be used to promote upcoming readings and events. This also included designing bookmarks, a logo, business cards, and a banner for promotional purposes.
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